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IUS membership in SDSN

The International University of Sarajevo (IUS) has officially become a member of the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) at the end of June 2020.

The SDSN network was established in 2012 under the auspices of the UN Secretary-General, and aims to mobilize global scientific and technological expertise to promote practical solutions for sustainable development, including the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (Agenda 2030) and the Paris Climate Agreement (2015).

This is a huge success for IUS, as it opens for diverse and numerous opportunities for cooperation with other universities around the world and institutions of similar orientation, such as funding opportunities, projects, joint research, expertise exchange through seminars, etc, all with the aim of deepening and expanding activities related to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (Sustainable Development Goals - SDG).

The SDSN Network works closely with United Nations agencies, multilateral financial institutions, the private sector and civil society. Some of the SDSN members are prestigious universities and research institutions from around the world, such as: Yale University from the USA, American University of Beirut from Lebanon, Science Po from France, Politecnico di Milano from Italy, and reputable Turkish universities such as Boğaziçi University,  Istanbul Technical University and Middle East Technical University.

SDSN membership is just one in a series of activities that IUS has recently, through its Quality Assurance Office (QAO), accomplished in the field of implementing SDG objectives. Membership was preceded by an extensive application prepared and coordinated by the QAO team.

Also, what is certain is that the SDSN network may also benefit from IUS experience in actions taken so far to achieve the SDGs. The areas in which IUS has already achieved results are as follows: gender equality, quality education, climate projects, curriculum shape to include courses such as Critical Thinking and Law and Ethics, inter-cultural understanding and cooperation, internationalization, psychological support and counseling at campus, data gathering, and research potential, appreciation of Art and Architecture. Also, IUS is ready to share its experiences activities in bioethics promotion, since the Unit of UNESCO Chair in Bioethics in BiH is established at the IUS in 2015.