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Fall Semester 2022 Student Survey Successfully Conducted

Fall Semester 2022 Student Survey Successfully Conducted

Pursuant to the legal provisions and internal legal acts, International University of Sarajevo (IUS) organizes Student Surveys twice a year.

Thus, at the end of the Fall Semester 2022, the Student Survey was conducted from January 14-29, 2023 registering a record response rate of 88.7%, with the University average reaching 3.68 out of maximum 4.

The Survey enables students to evaluate the performance of their professors and assistants during the teaching process as well as the course organization. Also, the survey is a perfect opportunity for students to anonymously express their opinion on numerous issues regarding their student life at IUS. In order to obtain objective results, the Survey is conducted at the end of a semester prior to the final exams. The Student Survey organization, analysis and coordination is implemented by the IUS Quality Assurance Office (QAO), who delivers the Survey results and report to the University Management. The results are further examined and analyzed by the Faculty and Program councils, who propose preventive and corrective measures. Each member of the academic staff receives the Student Survey results for the courses they taught that semester, but not before entering the final grades into the electronic system. Student Survey is taken into consideration during the annual evaluation of the academic staff.

Three years ago, IUS Management decided to take a step forward in improving the overall quality of the Student Survey feedback. The University, thus, invested in a specific software module which was incorporated into the existing information system – UNIPA Student Survey Module. This enables students to fill in an online survey, and the whole process is followed by a series of measures for data protection and survey anonymity. The content of the Survey has remained the same and consists of qualitative and quantitative sections. The online Student Survey response rate has significantly increased due to the fact that the Survey was technically facilitated.

QAO claims that student opinions, suggestions criticism have notably improved the quality of studying at IUS.